Friday, October 31, 2014


Sunday November 2nd is the first Sunday of the month. In Chico that means gathering at Wildwood Park for a day of kite flying. Join us if you can.

Photos & report to follow...

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Strong North Winds... Big Boy loved it!

Fellow kiteflier, Jim Stainback picked me and my kites up around 11 AM, and off we went to Wildwood Park in Chico. Winds were cranking at 15 to 22 mph out of the NNW with clear skies and temperatures in the upper 60s... great fall weather for kite flying. We had kites in the air by noon.

 Big Boy and some line laundry (that's a 150' tube on the line)

 A new 18' spinsock (it rotates)

  Jim flys his Premier "Ace" stuntkite

A tail adds a great visual effect to a stuntkite

For me, one of the joys of kite flying is sharing my hobby with others. So many people at the park come up and thank us for flying our kites. I love watching all the other people smiling and pointing or showing their kids the kites.

We flew until after 4 PM and then packed it in. Jim and I gave the day a 9.5. Until next time...

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Monday, September 22, 2014

A "Real" Power Kite!

I don't care what they want to call it, it's still a kite, which is defined as a tethered aircraft.

Those aren't motors...
they're wind turbine power generators

Imagine, when the wind starts to drop, they can winch the 'kite' in to it's gantry until the wind picks up again. One more way to make use of renewable energy from the sun.

Monday, September 15, 2014


Kites are fun for all ages, so don't be a stick-in-the-mud... Go fly a kite!

Here's three videos of "Kites Are Fun"... the 3rd one is by Free Design, the guys who wrote & performed "Kites Are Fun."

Now, I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade, but even kites need to be handled with safety and common sense. here's an example of no common sense:

And here's TWO, count them, TWO dummies with no common sense:

Kites have killed people, so use a little common sense when you fly... no matter how small or how big your kite is.

 On a lighter note here's what Lincoln City, Oregon's annual kite festival looks like:

Lincoln City also has a fall kite festival happening October 4th & 5th of this year.

Friday, September 12, 2014

World's Record Under Sail

While we're on the subject of sailpower on the water, here's Sailrocket 2, one of the fastest sailboats on the water! At 66 mph, this has got to be like flying on the water.

These kinds of world record attempts are not without their dangers. Here's an attempt on the speed record by Sailrocket 1 that didn't go quite so well:

But if you want to attack the world's record for the fastest boat under sail in a really big way, do it with a trimaran: