Saturday, October 26, 2013

If Charlie Brown flew kites in Chico...

I've spent many a Sunday at Wildwood Park launching and relaunching kites... sometimes every 5 minutes. That, of course, assumes I was able to let out all the line and make it back to where I was sitting. Sometimes the wind will die before I make it back and the kite's on the ground when I turn around... and then, sometimes, I just let it lie there! "Stupid kite! Stupider wind!!!

Here's a video that Steve Hall and I shot a couple of years ago in and around Chico. The zero-wind kite is an Urban Ninja, designed by Mr. Horvath in Switzerland; this one was built for me by Bob Storey. I apologize for no music; YouTube made us take the music off, even though we had permission to use it. The out-takes at the end were even more hilarious with the music that went with them. You'll still enjoy it.