Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Perfect Recycle

The very first year I got into kiting (1984), I had the opportunity to work with big kites, the largest, a pair of 252 sq. ft. parafoils owned by my good friend,Robert Loera of Kite Fantasy in Hawaii. Since that first experience with big kites, I’ve always wanted to own and fly one, but the high cost has always put it on the back burner.
Last spring I got to thinking about some of the vintage stunt-kites  I own, and it occurred to me that three of them might bring in a tidy sum; they were in very good condition, and I had no attachment to them (in case you're wondering, a TOTL North Shore Radical, a North Shore Kona & a MEFM by Big Easy). And besides, these days I seem to spend a lot more time flying single-line kites than I do dual-line kites. So, with the help of my good buddy, Steve Hall, I photographed the three kites, wrote a description of each, set asking prices, and had Steve post it all on the GWTW Forum. The very next day fliers were showing interest. Within 10 days, I sold all three kites to one buyer.
I took the money I received for the three vintage stunt-kites and placed an order for a 110 sq. ft. Invento Flowform 7.0 from HQ Kites and Design along with a 65’ tube sock for line laundry. Then I ordered a 75’, tapered, rainbow-paneled tail and two 12’ Spikey Ball windsocks From G-Kites. To all that I added the five Spikey Ball windsocks I already have; it’s a great looking display.

As soon as I can afford it, one more piece of line laundry will complete the display... an 18' rainbow spinsock hanging down low on the line.

SAFETY NOTE: I could have ordered the Invento Flowform 10.0; it’s 140 sq. ft. of sail… but that’s more kite than should be handled by one flier. Otherwise you’re sending a bad message to kids and adults, because kites of this size can be extremely dangerous; they produce hundreds, even thousands of pounds of pull. Even a kite of this size is easier to handle with two people launching & recovering.