Monday, April 21, 2014

An Easter Tradition (in these here parts) Continues

For many families in Butte County, Easter Sunday means a trip up to Table Mountain for a picnic and Kiteflying on the beautiful meadows. When Easter falls earlier in the year, the wildflowers are in full bloom... not so much in the middle of April. Non-the-less it was a beautiful day. See for yourself. Mike Hagen, Rhonda Davidson and I arrived at 11 AM and immediately began launching kites.

 Mike & Rhonda
launch a pair of flowtial deltas
That was easy!

Next up was a rokaku
Mike launched...
...and Rhonda flew.
So did the rok.

I had two deltas & a 'purple ghost' flowtail ready to go.

Mike's parents love to fly kites too.

It's picnic time.

Many other families flew kites too.

For most of the day we had 10 - 13 kites in the air. Add to that total the kites the other families flew and close to 30 kites were in the air over Table Mountain.

...okay, when's our next excuse to fly kites?