Friday, January 2, 2015

Wind Energy and Kite patents

Besides good 'ol Sol, the wind offers an almost limitless supply of renewable energy. But how to harness it effectively is the challenge. I invite you to visit A blog about kite patents & wind energy.
There are some very interesting patent descriptions on this site plus a great video on alternative wind energy. I invite you to check it out... it's good food for thought.

Here's a video of the latest kite-powered electrical generator. Absolutely awesome!

(in case someone gets the wrong idea,
those aren't engines on the wings,
they're electrical-generating turbines)

Imagine all the isolated ares where a concrete & steel pylon could be installed , so one of these 'power-generating kites' could take advantage of the winds in the area to produce almost free power. Whenever the winds are sufficient, the kite would produce power which would be stored in batteries and converted to AC whenever needed.