Monday, March 23, 2015

Chico Kite Day is Sunday, March 29th

Every year on a Sunday before Easter, the sky above Chico's Community Park is filled with kites. Chico Kite Day has been happening every year since 1985. If you've never attended Chico Kite Day, here's some photos from 2010 & 2014.

Our base camp - 2010

Mike Hagen looking for a shot of my flying saucers

Kids (and adult kids) loved being pummeled by our big 'beach ball'

Setting up base camp - 2014

 Mike Hagen's parents are still flying kites!
(remember, we don't stop flying kites
because we grow old... we grow old
because we stop flying kites)

Jim Stainback tends to his kite

Everybody's taking pictures -That's Jim Stainback's wife, Michelle,
and son, James Stainback III playing shutterbug

Mike Hagen's FlowTail

A Chico flier launches his fokker Triplane

I found a video of Chico Kite Day - 2012. Unfortunately it wouldn't upload to my blog, so here's a link to it: 2012 Chico Kite Day.

Hope to see you at Community Park this coming Sunday from noon until 4 PM. Bring your kite and/or camera. Need a MAP?

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