Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Chico Kite Day winds did not blow as predicted

Instead of the predicted 10-15 MPH winds out of the NNW for Chico Kite Day, we got treated to the center of a high pressure ridge. Translated, that means we got light & variable winds from all compass points. When we arrived around 11 AM, the wind was 1-5 MPH out of the SSE. As the day progressed we saw wind, and I use that term very loosely, from the other three compass points. It may have dampened the spirits of a few of us senior fliers who were forced to launch, relaunch... and launch again many times... but the kids?... the kids were having a ball running with their kites, giggling & laughing all the time.

Easter Sunday is also the first Sunday of the month!

Our 1st-Sunday-Of-The-Month Kitefly (usually held at Wildwood Park) is coming up this Sunday. However, this coming Sunday is East Sunday, and for several of us Chico Kitefliers, that means a trip up to Table Mountain for an Easter picnic and kitefly on the meadow. We'll probably be there around 11 AM. Hope to see you there.

Table Mountain - Easter, 2011

Table Mountain - Easter, 2014