Tuesday, November 5, 2013

First Sundays at Wildwood Park

For most of the last decade and continuing up through the present, a group of kitefliers… loosely known as ‘Chico Kitefliers’… has made a point of gathering at Wildwood Park in Chico, CA to enjoy kiteflying and fellowship. Here is a sampling of the fun we have on Sundays.

That's our 'base camp' at Wildwood Park

Mike Hagen & Rhonda Davidson rig their patriotic display...

...and up it goes

Deltas, dragons & a Circoflex ring kite

Me & Bob Storey gliding Horvath Ninjas on a zero wind morning
(that's Mike Hagen behind us playing photographer) 

Steve Hall & his beach balls

John King in 2011 with a Wala 

In 2013  John's kites have gotten a little bigger
(John & Jim Stainback launch John's Flowform 120)

John calls it his Bumble Bee

A few weeks ago we had eleven kites up
(that's fellow flier, Bryan Sandusky coming off the field)

You're invited to join us on any 1st Sunday for a fun day with friends and kites.