Monday, January 13, 2014

It Was A Windy Kite Day!

Sunday's winds started out as barely a soft breeze in the morning, but by noon the winds were hitting 10 mph, and by 2 PM it was 15 gusting to 24.  With the help of fellow kiteflier Jim Stainback, Big Boy went up easily, just as the winds picked up. With a good wind blowing I decided to put the 150 foot windsock on the flying line. I have my kite buddy, Steve Hall, to thank for the long windsock. It really makes a statement in the air!

Big Boy and 150' windsock.

 We put 3 or 4 other kites in the air and spent the next 2 hours enjoying the spectacle. By 3 PM wind chill was dropping the temperature rapidly, so we decided to pack it in. That's when I discovered how powerful a 9' x 12' parafoil can be. It was all I could do to walk that kite down (with a line pulley).

All in all, it was a gooood kite day.