Saturday, August 23, 2014

Day Five at the Washington State International Kite Festival

Friday morning was overcast with fog... and chilly.

Each day we loaded up our big-tired wagon with kites, lunch and a little cabana tent.

Rhonda & Mike pull the wagon up onto the boardwalk

Same spot as yesterday - great place to watch from

The first event of the day was the mass ascension of delta kites. They hold four mass ascensions at the festival: delta, cellular (box kites), flat or bowed and sparless soft kites. Each flier receives a cloisonne pin for each ascension they participate in. If they collect all four pins, the pins form a bigger pin. Mike, Rhonda and I are participating in all four ascensions, so at 10 AM we went down on the field and launched our delta kites.

Rhonda's holding onto her kite AND Mike's so he
can take a photo (that's him in the background)

From left to right: my rainbow delta, Rhonda's Brasington delta
(flown by Mike) & Rhonda's pink delta that won her the comprehensive award

Here's some of the delta kites being flown during the mass ascension:

The 2nd mass ascension was for cellular kites. Rhonda flew a traditional 2 cell box kite, and Mike and I flew matching cody kites.

There were lots of exotic 'box kites.'

We left the beach at 3 PM, so we'd have time to eat and relax before going back down for the lighted night fly and fireworks. I got a little video of one of the lighted kites (it's kind of grainy because of the low light).

The evening ended with some pretty nice fireworks.