Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Sixth Day at WSIKF

Saturday started off with fog, and it never really quite went away. Occasionally the sun would burn through for a few minutes, but mostly it was light fog for the day. We got to the beach around 10 AM and set up in our same spot overlooking field A from up on the dune.The wind was quite flyable, so we launched a couple of kites to tie off for the day (when we brought them down at the end of the day, they were wet with dew from the fog).

The first events of the morning were sport kite competitions. I caught one of the teams doing a demonstration for the crowd before competition started.

The next order of business was the cody fly... a mass ascension of nothing but cody kites. Everyone who came out onto the field and flew a cody kite got a cloisonne pin.

Like a formation of bombers

 A big cody ready for launch

Up and away

Several miniature codys were flown

A flight of codys (just follow the line up to mine)

The next event was the Teddy Bear Drop for children nine and under. Fifteen names were drawn from all the kids that registered, and those kids got to go out on the field and catch a parachuting bear.

After lunch they held the parade of colors. Anyone with a banner could participate. The parade started on the boardwalk, and from there the 'flagbearers' walked down from the dunes to the main field.

For us the last event of the day was the mass ascension for flat & bowed kites.

 Mike on the left, me on the right & Rhonda below

Rhonda's Brasington kite flying next to a kite made & flown by
Loik Lamalle from France

Something musical

Beautiful graphics

The two 'asteroid' kites belong to Basser Poulter.
The organza tails flow like flames.

Before leaving the beach for the day I took the time to photograph some of the new creatures in the air.
 A centipede

 A caterpillar

 A squid

My last stop for the day was to visit with Ray Bethell.

 Ray's the good looking guy on the left

These banners were made for last year's tribute to
Ray at WSIKF

I met Ray when he came to Hawaii in the mid to late 80s to participate in the Hawaii Challenge Kite Festival. Ray has been flying kites for a long time. But Ray isn't satisfied with flying one kite at a time; he flies three kites at one time. Most people have trouble rubbing their head and patting their stomachs at the same time, but Ray (whom, by the way, is 87 years young) flies a two-line kite with one hand, a second kite with his other hand and a third kite with his hips... and he choreographs their movements with music. We didn't get to see him fly three-at-a-time this year due to a foot injury and a hip that's going bad. But you can still see his amazing kite flying skills on video.

This is Ray Bethell doing what he does best!