Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Home from WSIKF

For Mike, Rhonda and myself, the 600+ mile drive home was endless. We left soon after the final mass ascension (for soft kites) on Sunday, heading out toward Longview, WA and the forever trip down the I-5 to Chico, CA. Stopping at rest stops regularly and having dinner in Medford, OR, we arrived at my home at 12:45AM; for Mike and Rhonda it was another 15 minutes to their home and bed.

During the festival there were four mass ascensions plus the cody fly, which is a mass ascension in itself. For each mass ascension (delta,cellular, flat or bowed & soft)  we participated in, we received a cloisonne pin. If you participated in all four, the four pins form an entirely new pin.

The cody fly also earned you a pin.

At the end of the fly everyone gathered together with their codys and had a group photo taken.

I'm in there somewhere

It's difficult to find fault with the city of Long Beach, WA or the Washington Kitefliers Association; they've been putting this festival on for way over two decades... and it shows. The festival runs smoothly and everyone, especially the thousands of tourists that come to see this beautiful spectacle, has a great time. It was evident to me that smiles, laughter and ooooohs & aaaaahs were the order of the day all week long. One can only guess how many millions of photos were taken in that seven day period.

Here's a few of my favorite photos from our trip:

 Credit goes to Rhonda Davidson for the 2 great sunset shots above

I hope his paws aren't muddy

 Mike Hagen gets credit for the 2 kid shots above

This is sooo wrong, but I'll publish it anyway
(my guess is the 1st word that comes to mind is 'woody')

And this is my favorite

It will take awhile to digest all seven days of the festival, but suffice to say for now... WOW!