Monday, August 25, 2014

Washington State International Kite Festival - The Last Day

The final morning of the festival was damp and foggy with only a 1-2 mph 'wind' blowing... not the best wind for soft kites.

The final mass ascension was for soft kites (parafoils, sleds, etc.), and these are NOT light wind kites. So, we stood around holding onto our kite lines and waited for someone to come by and award us our pin (once in a while someone would run with their kite like a kid at the park).

For Mike and Rhonda and me it was the end of the festival; we had a 600+ mile drive home ahead of us, so we did not stay for the final sport kite events. On the way off the beach, I had my picture taken as 'Jake the Alligator Man."

Is Jake real? You judge for yourself.