Monday, August 18, 2014

We've arrived at WSIKF

We left Chico, CA just before 11:30 Friday night, drove all night with a couple of rest stops and ate breakfast in Eugene, Oregon. from there it was onward to the Oregon coast at Florence. Along the coast we stopped at many of the 'scenic lookouts' for photos.

Looking back towards Manzanita and Nahelam Bay

Close up of Manzanita

In Lincoln city we visited David Gomberg's kite shop, "Northwest Winds." Our next stop was Cannon Beach near Pacific city.

At Cannon Beach there were more than 15 kites in the air
(that's Haystack Rock and The Needles)

looking north from Cannon Beach (more kites in the air)

After reaching Astoria on the Columbia River, we crossed the bridge and stopped at the Ilwako Marina, where we visited Ben Nesbitt's art gallery (a local artist).

 Ilwako Marina

Dan Nisbitt designed the poster for this year's festival

Ilwako Marina

Our last stop was the North Head Lighthouse at the south end of Long Beach.

That's me and the North Head Lighthouse

The lighthouse from below

Look what the constant winds do to the trees (that's Mike taking the same photo)

A parting shot as the lighthouse disappears in the fog

We finally arrived in Long Beach just before sundown, Saturday evening. After a night's much-needed sleep we visited the festival site where setup was taking place for the Monday's start.

Morning fog rolls through as the festival gets ready for day one

One lone kite was flying in the fog (the fog was so thick, it was more like swimming).