Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day at WSIKF

The day started with the usual local fog, which cleared off by 10 AM. We got to tfirst he beach about 9, and there were already a fair amount of kites in the air. I had my buddy Bryan's parafoil with me
(I promised to fly it at the festival), so that's what I flew today.

Bryan's red/black foil flying next to a really big
purple/black foil with matching 45' spinsock

Today's scheduled judging on the competition field was for train and arch kites. Early in the morning the trains disappeared up into the fog.

By 11 AM the sky was full of color over the 'big kites' field.

Yes, that's a very, very, very large octopus

Beautiful, exotic fabrics in that  big delta kite

'Grandpa and Adam Best Friends'


...two beautiful custom-made pan flutes...

...and oneSpikey Bird

As I was leaving the field, I came across this school of fish.

One last photo before leaving the beach for the day.