Thursday, August 21, 2014

WSIKF - Day Three

Nice day... odd weather. I got to the 'big kite' field at about 8:30 AM. A very soft wind was coming out of the west, straight onshore; Long Beach usually gets a north or northwest wind (right down the beach). Several of the big kites were already up, so I launched Big Boy with his 75' tail and a new spinsock on the line.

The light wind was barely strong enough to lift the spinsock

For me it was a special flight, because I was finally flying on the 'big kite' field at a major kite festival.
Big Boy's the one with the rainbow tail

The days theme was "Paint Me Patriotic," so there were many red, white and blue kites in the air.

Mike & Rhonda set up a patriotic display on the dune overlooking
the competition field (that big delta kite has a wingspan of 19')

They're called bols and they spin

Patriotic frogs?

Today they held the 10th annual Foster Grandparent Fun Fly. A 'foster grandparent' is paired with one or more temporary 'grandchildren' who earn a new kite by learning how to properly fly it. The Washington Kitefliers Association (WKA) gives away over 100 handmade kites each year at WSIKF.

Rhonda & another 'grandparent' help the kids fly their kites

Pure delight!

One of the really fun events is the bol races. Kids in age groups race across the sand with a bol behind them. Mike got some great shots of the races.

The girls

The boys
Some of the dual-line competitions were held today as well as flying demonstrations by both dual-line & quad-line fliers. Here's a short video of stacks of Revolution quad-line kites being flown by some of the very best fliers in the country.

At the end of the day many of us went to a WKA lasagna fundraiser dinner. There were over 100 donations of merchandise for the brown bag raffle. I bought $10 worth of tickets and won a cody kite worth over $60. Now I have a cody in my collection, so I can participate in the cody-fly on Saturday. All in all, it was a good day at the festival.