Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day Two at the Washington State International Kite Festival

I'll let my first photo tell the story of how day two went for the BIG kites.

Someone forgot to feed the wind meter with quarters!

Big Boy flew for about ten minutes without any tail or line laundry, and then came down with all the other big kites that were struggling in the soft NW wind.

There was, however, enough wind for a few light-wind kites.  WSIKF's featured guests, Bob Cruikshanks from England and Loik Lamalle from France, flew some of their 
Bob Cruikshanks flies one of his animated kites -
the vaned wheel spins in the wind.

Loik Lamalle launches one of his strange creations

Today's competition was team and individual rokkaku battles; I was busy trying to launch Big Boy, so no photos.

Also being judged were all the team camps. Here's some shots of their tents, banners and ground displays.

I've been told the Sky Pirates usually win the camp display award... gee, I wonder why?!


Around 2:30 I decided to call it a day; I packed up my kite and equipment and was off the beach before 3 PM. After relaxing with a cigar and cocktail, Mike and Rhonda came back from antiquing and we ate dinner. Mike suggested a sunset fly with ultralight stunt kites, so back down to the beach we went. We flew for an hour in a steady 2-4 mph breeze blowing directly on-shore. A nice way to end the day.


Mike & his kite (Skyburner Freestyle UL)

Me & my Starfire

Me & my backside

Now that's a priceless shot

Thanks to Rhonda Davidson for the sunset-fly photos