Monday, February 23, 2015

A Not-So-Typical Three Day Weekend

Three straight days of kite-flying weather in Chico? Unheard of! On top o that, it was my birthday, which I share with George Washington on the 22nd. I took full advantage of the situation.

On Friday I cycled out to Wildwood Park with my bike trailer loaded up with Big Boy, my Cody and a chair.

The grounds crew had just finished manicuring the park

My 5' Cody sure looks small next to Big Boy

The little ones enjoyed my spinning "F-Stop."

On Saturday the wind did not follow the forcast for NNW at 10-15 mph. Instead we got a South wind at 6-12 mph... still quite flyable. Jim Stainback and I had seven kites up at one point during the afternoon.

On Sunday the North wind came back with a vengeance. When Jim and I got to the park it was blowing 15 to over 20 mph with gusts close to 30. The park was full all day with families playing ball or flying kites. But at around 2:30 in the PM the wind shifted almost to the West, then dropped to zero. About 20 minutes later it picked up from the East. I swapped out Big Boy's 75' tail for 25' tubes to avoid a light pole when the winds shifted. The wind was just plain goofy! By 4 pm it pretty much died. 

A butterfly

A Macaw parrot

The wind went to zero for about 20 minutes

And then it started up again from the East
(25' tube tails instead of the 75' tail)

As I post this the North wind is picking up again... but I think I'll pass. Three days was just enough.

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