Friday, August 28, 2015

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 - Day 3 at WSIKF

Day three at the Washington State International Kite Festival was all about the Red, White and Blue. And as Mike, Rhonda and I have a fair amount of patriotic kites, line laundry, flags and banners between us, we decided to enter the "Paint Me Patriotic" camp display competition. While everyone else's camp was mostly about feather banners, our camp had it all: windsocks and feather banners on the ground, a kite arch of 18 kites and four kites above it all. We even had the American flag flying from Mike and Rhonda's 19 foot delta kite. Our efforts were rewarded with a second place ribbon.

Two of the other patriotic displays:

8 banners side-by-side form the American flag 

This was the day WSIKF put on their Foster Grandparents Fun Fly event (eleventh annual, no less) designed to give young kids a chance to experience the joy of kite flying with an experienced kiter. Several dozen kites were constructed by some of the experienced kitemakers (Rhonda made 15 of the little deltas), and the kids that participated got to keep the kite that was given to them.

Another event for the kids was the Candy Drop.

First they haul up a really big kite...
something that can lift a big bag of candy up high.

A bag of candy is pulleyed up to the kite line
and then released for the kids to scoop up.

The kids got to make kites in the afternoon; also, there was awards given to the best camps set up by kids.

Two more events were held in the afternoon... the Individual Rokkaku Battle and Senior Ballet. Somehow I didn't get any photos. Maybe I can get a few photos from Mike Hagen to post.