Monday, September 21, 2015

Thursday August 20th, 2015 - Day 4 at WSIKF

Due to the loss of our internet connection at the cabins where we stayed, I wasn't able to post each day at the festival. It's been 4 weeks since the festival, so... here's a selection of photos from day four thru day seven. Enjoy!

Cat Gabriel & Jim Day launch a rokkaku train kite for judging

The Crow... creator unknown

International guests of the festival, Max & Sylvia Da Fonseca
Cardoso of Brazil and Washington kitemaker, Louis DeWolf

Max & Silvia make their beautiful kites out of paper & wood
(a new one for each festival they travel to)

These bols are about 3 stories tall

The early morning breeze was just strong enough to inflate
them, but not make them rotate

By noon the bols were doing their thing

The giant kite field on Friday

Mass ascension of delta kites
(left to right - my rainbow delta, Rhonda's Brasington delta
& the new delta she won at the WKA auction)

Four deltas on one line... kinda like a mobile in reverse

They constantly change position, just as a mobile does
when there's air motion

Here comes the Parade of Colors

My Cody and a few others flying in the mist during
the mass Cody ascension

Two custom Codys - makers unknown

Mike Hagen, Rhonda Davidson, Cat Gabriel & Jim Day
at the mass ascension of soft kites

A few of the soft kites being flown Sunday morning...

My patriotic foil & a foil that's on fire!

Two runners & a soccer ball

Stay tuned for at least one more WSIKF 2015 post.

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